STUDY OPTOMETRY IN BELARUSstudy optometry in Belarus

To study optometry in Belarus is the best decision for the career of any foreign students who want to study his/her optometry course abroad.


Optometry in Belarus is taught at many institutes in Belarus and many foreign students come to study in Belarus their optometry course.

These foreign nationals prefer to study their optometry in Belarus because of many factors.

First of all foreign students look into the affordability that will they be able to afford their desired course in the country which he/she chooses for him/her.

Tuition fee in Belarus is the major factor which attract foreign students to study their optometry course in Belarus.Tuition fee is very reasonable in Belarus for foreign students and also they consider the quality of education.

Education quality at universities in Belarus is very high and lectures are delivered in a very cooperative and friendly atmosphere.

Degree or diploma in optometry from any institute in Belarus is accepted everywhere in the world and these optometry graduates may practice in any country of the world after graduation.

These foreign students live at university hostels ion Belarus and these hostels are not that far from the campuses.

They share a room and these rooms are facilitated with all necessary facilities.


For admission at any institute in Belarus for studying optometry foreign students are required to scan their present qualification and also write to admission staff that which education level at institutes in Belarus they want to study in the optometry field.

Once admission documents are received by the admission team,They start the assessment of these documents and this process in completed within 2 Days of time.

After evaluation of admission documents for studying optometry in Belarus these foreign applicants are sent an Email informing them their evaluation results.

Once found eligible,Applicants are asked to transfer the processing fee and scan the transfer receipt to the admission staff for their record.

In case any academic documents is missing or required,ineligible applicants are asked to scan that academic document within no time.


Official admission letters in Belarus are issued by the migration department not by the universities or colleges.

Upon receiving the admission fee slip,Admission team forward the admission documents to migration department for the issuance of admission letter which is required by all foreign nationals for the processing of their Belarus student visa.

Belarus study visas are issued in two conditions,Upon arrival and before arrival but in all cases official study invitation by migration department is required.

Nigerian,Pakistani,Indian and Egyptian applicants are issued their Belarus student visa before arrival by the Embassies of Belarus in these countries.

Other all nationals of Asian and African countries are issued Belarus student visa upon arrival at Minsk international airport and they are asked to hand over their official admission letter and OK TO BOARD letter to immigration officer.

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