We also arrange your splendid and unforgettable tour to Belarus.

There are a lot to see and visit in Belarus which leave a much pleasant impact.

It’s a Greenland with great landscapes and natural beauty in it.

In every big city there are many touring places to visit and also great parks.

In Minsk the downtown of the city is a much modern place which every tourist must love to visit again and again.

The Church of Saints Simon and Helena

 Once you visit this Church,You would love to visit it again and again.

Locals call it Red Church and It’s the most prominent Catholic Church in the Minsk and even in the whole Belarus with a history behind it.

 Minsk Arena Complex:

 We recommend you to must visit Arena complex in Minsk city as it’s the Biggest and most modern sports and cultural complex.Once you visit this arena complex,You will always remember its architecture as its constructed so beautifully and skillfully.

Sitting capacity of Arena complex is 15,000 people and it has a huge car park with a huge skating ring inside.It was constructed in 2006.

Minsk Victory Square

 We may say that victory square is the most interesting attraction for the tourists while visiting Belarus.

It was constructed in the memory of world war two.

Mostly new wedding couples come to victory square and stop here for a short time and remember the millions who died in world war two.

You may enjoy the beautiful statues around Minsk victory square.Its situated in the heart of Minsk city and you may walk a bit to reach this historical place.

State Museum of the War History

All the tourists must visit and enjoy the state museum of war history with a lot to see inside and to remember and to know the may say facts of World War.

It reflects the memories of German Occupation during the World War.

Yanka Kupala Park

It’s a beautiful park in Minsk city and it is associated with the memories of Belarus literature personality.All tourists who come to tour Belarus normally love to visit this park.

So if you are planning to tour and enjoy your short tour to Belarus please let us know as we may arrange everything for you on your visit to Belarus.


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