Belarus Admission Center has been serving the international students for a long time  having head office in Ukraine with branches in Russia and Belarus.


BAC is the leading admission agency for admission at Belorussian,Ukrainian & Russian Medical ,Engineering and Management Colleges and Universities.

Mostly international students are served by BAC from African,Asian & Arab countries.

BAC has a long time history in the field of recruitment with commitment and excellence.

BAC not only admit the international students but care for the students during their whole period of study in Belarus.


BAC work too closely with the universities and students and are aware of everything concerned with academic matters of the international students.


BAC not only admit the applicants but guide them fully about admission process and requirements,visas,arrivals as well so that foreign students should feel much comfortable with their academic matter in Belarus.


Belarus is the best destination for foreign students who have academic goals in their mind.

Mostly students choose the Belarus for their higher education because of its friendly atmosphere and high standards of teaching system.

Belarus has the best 36 universities with all available faculties and one of the best educational system in the Europe.


There are Medical,Engineering,Agriculture,Management and Arts universities in Belarus

Popular courses at these universities are taught in English medium of instructions.


Belarus open its door for all international students from every corner of the world,Those whose native language is English and also for those whose native language is not English.

In the other European countries there are difficulties for foreign students for Medical,Engineering or Management programs with high merits and difficult policies but as compare to other European countries Belarus has quite better policies for the foreign students.


Belarus has the free merit system for Medical and Engineering universities as it knows the demand of these courses and importance of these courses as well in their career.


BAC know that every year a lot of students from foreign countries desire to be doctors and engineers but due to tough European policies In admission and visa they face difficulties so they feel the difference when they apply with BAC for study in Belarus.


BAC helps the applicants to choose a university with respect to their desired course.


Feel free to contact BAC for your admission & visa process and you will be provided all the steps to complete to reach your academic destination Belarus.