ACCOMMODATION IN BELARUSFor every international student the hostel place is guaranteed.Hostel rooms are well furnished and easy going to international students.Male and female international students have different rooms normally.Normally a room is shared by 3 international students.

Rooms are well sized and students feel comfortable like home while living in the hostel room.

At hostel rooms normally all the facilities are available and are much convenient.

If you live at campus hostel that gives you opportunity to meet other international students and you find a multi culture around you.

BAC staff is always around and in case of any problem you may give a call to any of the staff member and he/she attends you well and solve your matter.

Hostels are not that far from the campus.International students find everything near them and find the rooms and hostels so comfortable and even better than the other European countries.


International students has always the facilities of shower,TV,Internet at their hostel so they do not feel away from their homes.Laundry facilities are also available at the hostels.

While living at university hostel,International students find a healthy educational environment at hostel with other foreign students.

All the hostel rooms are equipped with pillows,beds,blankets and well heating system.

Every international student live at the place which is allotted to him/her upon arrival and a medical inspection is done upon allotting the hostel place.


1:In our opinion university hostel is the best place for a new international student.

2:You find everything quite near to you while living at university hostel.

3:First year at least we recommend the international students to live at the university hostel.

4:First year at university hostel makes you familiar with the Belarus environment and next year you may have a private accommodation,A shared rented flat and as a paying guest.



You enjoy a well speeder internet at hostel room.


At hostel reception always a telephone is available so that students may call or receive calls freely.


You may use the laundry services at hostel floors but you must buy your own washing powders you like.


All the universities has own hostels and a place a allotted to every international student.

Its better to live in university hostels instead of private accommodation and these are not expensive as compare to private accommodations.

In case you want to post something than you may leave the letters with address at reception and is collected and delivered by the general post office.

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